Born To Sing Helps Save the Whales

November 7th, 2010 by Deb Saville

Born To Sing Supports the Sea Shepherd

Born To Sing were able to live their vision this week and Make A Difference to whales, dolphins, blue fin tuna and other sea creatures.  It was very interesting to learn that more people are killed per year by ostriches (9) than by sharks (5).  And more people are also killed by a soda-pop machine falling on them than by sharks.  I forget the number!   Here we are at the airport handing over a donation from Born To Sing towards the Sea Shepherd Campaign ‘No Compromise’.  We sang at the Sea Shepherd Fundraiser and were inspired by Paul Watson’s passion to save whales and other marine life.  What a charismatic speaker – and yet such a humble man. We wish Paul and the crew of volunteers luck in their next venture to the whale sanctuary in Antarctica and hope that it puts a stop to whaling.  We were proud of BTS generosity and donated $500 to the cause.  Our repetoire of course included ‘Sailing’!

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