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August 18th, 2014 by Deb Saville

Born to Sing has raised $105,125 to Make A Difference
You are a part of the Born to Sing (BTS) tradition of turning up regularly to sing, participating in choral events, making friends, having fun and a cuppa and living the vision to Make A Difference! We hope you continue to enjoy your BTS experience. You really do Make A Difference!
October 2007 Born to Sing was born in October 2007 when Martin Meader was commissioned by ABC Radio to develop a “no-audition” choir for the City of Perth Xmas Concert.
This successful event led Deb Saville to canvas the singers to maintain their association into the future.
Deb led a team of volunteers who worked over 2007/2008 holidays to ensure that all was prepared for mid-January start for Born to Sing at Royal Park Hall.
As Martin’s business manager and partner in Born to Sing, Deb has continued sourcing commissioned and free community concerts and working in partnership with Martin to ensure their success.
The singers take on a variety of roles, lending a helping hand whenever asked to fulfil the Make A Difference vision.
December 2007 ABC Radio/City of Perth Xmas Concert – Forrest Place – 2000+ community audience – FREE EVENT.
March 2008 1st BTS Social – Shared dinner and Karaoke Event.
April 2008 BTS Concert at Mandurah Performing Arts Centre – 730+ audience. Funds raised for VIP (Valued Independent People working with people with disabilities) = $600
August 2008 BTS Make A Difference Concert. Winthrop Hall, UWA. Guest artist Courtney Murphy.  800+ audience. Funds raised for Rotary Cord Blood Bank = $ 8,000.
October 2008 BTS concert in Kings Park – FREE EVENT.
October 2008 2nd BTS Social – Family Day BBQ/ Picnic – Kings Park.
December 2008 ABC Radio/City of Perth Xmas Concert – 3000+ community audience – FREE EVENT.
February 2009 BTS & UWA School of Music Victorian Bushfire Appeal Concert – Winthrop Hall
Funds raised $ 30,000 and hand-delivered March 2009 in Victoria.
Deb Saville secured a grant to visit the main bushfire ravaged areas.  Martin Meader, Deb Saville and Lindsay Breach volunteered to conduct choir workshops for the Bendigo and Whittlesea communities.
March 2009 Community Workshops in Bendigo and Whittlesea Victoria for April 2009
March 2009 BTS Concert for family and friends – FREE EVENT.
June 2009 BTS Vision Workshops facilitated by Deb Saville for 85 singers.
July 2009 BTS recorded songs at Guide Dogs WA – Victoria Park
An opportunity for BTS singers to visit a recording studio and lay down some tracks.
2009 BTS sang at Swimming Championships Opening Ceremony, Challenge Stadium.
August 2009 Surprise Pizza Night – funded by Martin Meader, Deb Saville & Lindsay Breach.
September 2009 Mal Hood’s (former BTS Treasurer) funeral service – Pinnaroo.
September 2009 BTS concert at Royal Park Hall – FREE EVENT.
2008-2012 Deb Saville collated and edited over 50 stories, songs and poems and photographs for the book – Make a Difference – Sing!
2009 Bibra Lake Primary School Christmas Concert
March 2010 Concert for Northam Council singers from all choirs travel to Northam and enjoy the performance as well as the sense of camaraderie.
March 2010 BTS Sunday Group sang at a Wedding in North Fremantle
May 2010 BTS donated a new Bach Trombone (valued at $ 890) to the Instrumental School of Music in memory of Mal Hood.
August 2010 BTS performed at a Homeless People Week function at Fremantle City Hall.
BTS singers raised $ 1,275 for the provision of 18 swags for the homeless.
September 2010 Sunday Group sang at Hulbert Street Festival – FREE EVENT.
November 2010 BTS sing at the Sea Shepherd fund-raiser.  And donate $ 500.
December 2010 BTS perform at two sell out concerts at Macnuts Farm, Baldivis.
April 2011 BTS Small Group performed at Churchlands Senior High School for concert to raise money for survivors of the Japanese Earthquake.  $ 350 raised.
April 2011 Born To Sing performed a 2 hour concert at Applecross Senior High School to raise money for people who lost their homes in the 2011 bush fires in the Perth Hills area. Funds raised $ 14,767.18.
April 2011 BTS rally round and respond to a family’s ‘WISH LIST’.  The family lost everything in the bush fires.  $ 4,500 of household goods were donated.
Sep-Nov 2011 Mini- Make A Difference projects totalling approximately $ 500 include:
Supporting a Kenyan child to attend school by supplying a uniform
Supporting a child in Nepal to carry books by supplying a school backpack
Supporting a science project for re-growth in the Amazon Rainforest
Supporting two ‘Million Little Life Changing Projects’
Raising funds to find a Cure for Juvenile Diabetes
November 2011   Deb and Martin participate in Seniors Week providing a day of fun, inspiration singing, games and dancing for 80 wise senior citizens, some with various ageing challenges.
December 2011 Born To Sing take part in the Voice Moves Christmas Choir Bash and in doing so they support The Salvation Army Appeal.
December 2011 80 Born To Sing-ers volunteer and take part in Mission Australia’s Christmas Lunch in the Park, as a ‘singing flash mob surprise’ for an audience of 2000.
January 2012 Deb and Martin work with various disability and aged care organisations to bring singing to people who are isolated, lonely or disconnected from their community.
September 2012 Fund Raising Concert- Kiss Cancer Goodbye.  $ 7,411 to donate to Relay for Life.
October 2012 Born To Sing take part in the Joondalup Relay for Life – a performance to close the event as well as Relay team(s) participating.  A further $ 9,438.40 raised.
November 2012 Born To Sing entertain shoppers and staff at Bunnings, Ocean Keys.
December 2012 Born To Sing perform at an ex-BTS singers wedding.
June 2013 Born To Sing Melville Fund Raising Concert for 5-year old Jasmine Lee who has a rare form of epilepsy. Funds raised = $ 1,700.
June 2013 Fund Raising Concert 1 – Kiss Cancer Goodbye  $ 3, 409 donated to Relay for Life.
July 2013 Born To Sing Sausage Sizzle at Bunnings. Funds raised $ 1,203 for Relay For Life.
August 2013 Born To Sing cooking and 5c piece collection. Funds donated = $ 5, 033 to RLF.
October 2013 Born To Sing Relay For Life Team Relayed for 24 hours to raise funds for those who have been touched by cancer.  Born To Sing sang at the event in Joondalup to raise everyone’s spirits.
November 2013 Born to Sing hold a Fund Raiser for the Ylongu People (NE Arnhemland) and Turlku Birni (choir of Wongutha Birni, Kalgoorlie, WA).  A community screening of the movie Our Generation with an opening performance by BTS.  $ 1,429 was raised.
Aug – Nov 2103 Born to Sing donate over 750 kilos of clothing, bedding and towels to the Western Desert Kidney project for indigenous people.  Valued at a minimum of $ 7, 500.
December 2013 BTS meet people from the Western Desert, Wongutha Birni nation choir, called Turlku Birni, for a social evening of new connections and joint singing.
BTS Joondalup hold a Christmas party giving each other secret Santa gifts…and sharing a meal together.
April 2014 BTS Melville raised $ 2,300 for a woman and her children after the husband/ father died tragically in a car accident.
April 2014 BTS Joondalup’s Concert for Cornelius family (mum, dad, 4 children, 2 dogs and a cat) who lost their house and possessions in the recent Hills Bushfires in Perth. Funds raised donations plus Wish List goods to the value of $ 4,120.
July 2014 BTS Joondalup have a ‘random act of kindness’ whip-round for a young Born to Sing-er who is moving into her own home. The gifts presented will help make the house a real home! Raised $200.
July 2014 Deb Saville and Martin Meaderoffer Joy in July for 80 Seniors who sing, dance, enjoy fun, laughter, good food and company at Christmas In July event.
November 2014 BTS Joondalup Concert for ABILITIES. Another Make A Difference concert. Funds raised will enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities and help them to Follow their Dreams. ?? donated to ??

HISTORY OF GIVING : 2007 – 2014

Born to Sing has raised $105,125 to Make A Difference

THANK YOU to Born To Sing-ers, past and present. You are, or have been, a part of the Born to Sing (BTS) tradition of turning up regularly to sing, participating in choral events, making friends, having fun and a cuppa and living the vision to Make A Difference! We hope you continue to enjoy your BTS experience. You really do Make A Difference!

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