Making a Difference with GAMES

Below are 3 of the 8 keys of Brain-Friendly Learning.  You have 1 minute to uncover them, decipher each card and say what you think  the importance each one has to your learning.

Key 1

Key 2

Key 3

Imagine….What If….

You have been planning a room renovation for your house, saved up the money,  scouted around for paint swatches and sought aquotes from a range of businesses to carry out the work.  One of the jobs you want doing is to paint a feature wall.  You can picture the deep, rich shade of red and how lush it will make the whole room look.  The painter says, “Sorry, I don’t do red”.  What do you feel like saying to her?  What would you do?

Now, what might your answers show you about your behaviour?

These are the kind of thinking processes that stimulate your brain and keep you fully absorbed.  Games are good for your brain!  This is why Deb’s workshops make a difference over the long term.

The Coaching Game 2Deb promotes this innovative experiential game in coaching sessions and in a powerful 1 day workshop.  The game can make a difference with individuals and teams in personal and professional areas of life.  It can be adapted to suit a myriad of different topics and uses.  The game can be ‘played’ on many different levels and always opens up deeper channels of communication in a fun and visual way.  Its applications are infinite….its results can be powerful and astounding. 

Come and play!


Deb is also involved with SPELL ….a FUN game for all ages.Alphacard-SPELL

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