Making a Difference with MOVIES

DEB has been working with a coaching client whose goal is 3 Oscars on The Red Carpet.  She took her coaching hat off when Martin Meader asked her to be more involved in his $40 million dollar feature film, which will raise awareness of global environmental issues.  Her role initially was to raise Development Finance.  Fuelled by her passion to make a difference The $200,000 is being used to further the project.  Here’s a little information about the movie…

Australia based Bizz-Buzz Productions Pty Ltd intends to produce a feature length motion picture entitled, The Adventures of Charlie & Moon that is in the genre of children’s fantasy movies. The Adventures of Charlie & Moon is based on a story by the recognized Australian writer and musician Martin Meader. The story (the first in a trilogy) has been adapted into a feature film script by Martin Meader.

C+M-Pic1The Adventures of Charlie & Moon is a cross between the magic and adventure of “Harry Potter” and “The Golden Compass”, and the moral and social sound of “Chronicles of Narnia” and “Lord of the Rings”.   Each of these films grossed in between $245M and $1.13B worldwide in the last five years. The Adventures of Charlie & Moon has the potential to be the next big box-office children’s movie that can be easily franchised and lead to a solid package of ancillary products along its domestic and theatrical, video/ DVD, cable television and pay-per view and Internet distribution.Juan Garcia

Juan Garcia won an Oscar for his work on Harry Potter II.  He is on the team to provide special effects for The Adventures of Charlie & Moon.

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Irena Mihova is a New York based Producer on The Adventures of Charlie & Moon.  She is currently building the interactive children’s educational Make A Difference website, to be launched early in 2010.

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