Making a Difference with BOOKS

BOOK 1 : Make A Difference~Sing!

SINGING is such an excellent thing, that I wish all people would sing – a sentiment first famously expressed by US Explorer Richard Byrd and now echoed by Born to Sing choir co-manager and aspiring author Deb Saville.
Between her duties co-managing the choir and the demands of running her own business, it is hard to imagine where the Iluka resident is finding the time to write a book.  She is juggling sheet music with stories to put together a collection of editorials from singers on how music changed their lives.
Ms. Saville said her idea for the book, Make a Difference, stemmed from the choir’s motto.  “The Born to Sing philosophy is ‘if you can speak, you can sing’,” she said.  “It followed then that, if you can speak and you sing, you might have a story. 

DEb Hat“Being a part of the choir has changed my own life so much that I wondered if others would share the ways singing has added to their lives.”   She is encouraging people to submit stories about how singing had affected their life to compile a book of uplifting messages about the power of song.  

Deb is working with Martin Meader, filmmaker, musical director and author aswell as an American award-winning author and publisher. 

Deb hopes to include an audio CD with the choir’s recording of  an original song, Make a Difference by Martin Meader and Rod Christian.

So far, she has received 30 stories from members of the choir and three original songs to include in the book, from people whose ages range from four to 76 years old. Another 20 people have committed to contributing a story.   “I feel touched and privileged that people are sharing some very emotional and personal journeys,” she said. “It is a very humbling experience and I feel blessed to be in a position to bring them to light. Their story might be the ripple in the pond that makes a difference to someone who might read it.”  For details about the book and the choir e-mail Born To Sing Choir

Book 2 : The Adventures of Charlie & Moon

Deb is assisting Martin Meader in the release of his children’s book in Australia.  The story is to be made into a children’s fantasy feature film.

Here’s what some kids and teachers say…

“She wants you to know that Thomas loves the book, can’t stop giggling.”

One of my friends is a teacher.  She has given the manuscript to one of her shy students who loves reading.  This boy, Bram, has to wear hearing aids but refuses so doesn’t often hear what’s going on and is a loner at school…

…My new pal, Bram, Mr. Shy-no friends, comes over to me, puts his arm araound me and asks how to play. And I, being one fantastic hopscotch player, teach him. Soon there are 4 kids playing and then there are 10 kids waiting for a turn not only because I am the only fun teacher in the school, but because we are having a blast and Bram is now playing and winning this game of Ethiopian Hopscotch and he is in the loop!  He’s talking to kids!! He’s teaching them the rules!  When I leave, he high fives me and puts his arm around me again! I could cry. 

And you know what!  It’s because of you.  It’s because of Charlie and Moon. Ripple effects…C+M-Pic1

Order Form coming soon….

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