Sing for LIFE!

August 7th, 2010 by Deb Saville

Make A Difference-Sing!The project at Southern Cross Care is now in Week 8.  Everyone participating is enjoying the mixture of learning, fun, story telling, relaxation, singing, dancing and socialising with new friends. 

Some of the stories collected will appear in the Make A Difference-Sing! book, which is a current ‘work in progress’.

The participants with dementia are surprising us all each week as they retain new songs in their short term memory.  The support workers are surprising us by coming further out of their comfort zone each week, learning the words to the old war time songs and doing whatever it takes to make sure their clients have a good time.  The volunteers continue to assist in a multitude of ways and sing and dance through the morning sessions. 

Other reported benefits, for clients and support workers alike, include; reduced stress, increased friendships, a sense of purpose and increased well-being and happiness.    “I am always happy when I come here…I feel special and valued…I am not so alone”, are some of the positive comments made by participants.

The group has chosen their name – Sing for Life and there will be an ‘open session’ for familiy, friends and invited guests on 21 Aug at Folley Village in Hilton.

It is a pleasure to be able to bring such pleasure to the group…Molly's Joy

and so rewarding to see the joy on everyone’s faces!   Heart-felt thanks to all involved.

Can Singing Help People with Dementia?

May 10th, 2010 by Deb Saville

Martin & DebDeb Saville and Martin Meader are soon to begin a series of  ‘Singing for Health’  workshops with people with dementia.  In conjunction with Southern Cross Care WA they will be running sessions each week with clients and their carers/support workers in a bid to show that music and singing can have positive benefits on the health of all participants.  Martin and Deb have been working closely together for 3 years on various projects and received positive feedback about their style and passion.  Events have included singing with survivors of the Victorian Bush Fires, and workshops,incorporating singing, with community service staff to reduce stress, improve teamwork and set goals. They are sure that singing makes a difference and have also started collecting stories from workshop participants and people in the Born To Sing choir  for a book to be published in the future.

Person Centred Training-Dare To Dream workshops

April 9th, 2010 by Deb Saville

Tom's Dream-Trial Bike Trphies-WebsiteAfter being asked to deliver workshops to inspire Support Workers in adopting a Person Centred Approach, the first step was to look at what the core of the message would be – and so the name changed to Dare To Dream…and Dare To Dream BIG with and for people with disabilities.  Support Workers and Managers were taken through Imagine-eering and Goal Setting processes to open them up to Unlimited Possibilities.   Thanks to Tom for sharing his dream and achievements.

Cheerleading-USA-Here I ComeAlso, to Louise for her BIG dream of  Cheerleading in the USA- Go For It!

 Moving to an Outcomes Based approach will mean significant improvements in the services experienced by people with disabilities.

Person Centred Training – Participant Comments

For further inspiration watch this video Be YOU…and INSPIRE others!

MAD Kenya Project

February 23rd, 2010 by Deb Saville

Turning 50 and wanting to Make A Difference I decided to forgo pressies and cards and ask all those people who have touched my life in some way to join me in two events…a picnic and/or a catered dinner.   Having a Personal Chef cook for us, tidy away and do the dishes was fantastic.  We shared fun and food together…Kenya-Houseand realise how lucky we are to do so in one of the best countries in the world.  Giving blessings of gratitude for everything we experience was easy for this group of like-minded friends who all gave so generously to the MAD Kenya Project.  A BIG thanks to all my friends, family and colleagues who came to my birthday celebrations and donated towards buying a house for a family in Kenya.  We did it!   Africa6